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Welcome To IATSE 665 Call Steward Dispatch System

Please Double Check your Contact Info once logged in.
Go to the My Profile tab and check your information. Click on the pencil at the top of this page and you can update your personal information.

CallSteward.Com assumes you are always available!
Update Your Vacation Manager !

If you are unable to work or to be dispatched to work for any calls, you can enter the time period that you can not work on the My Profile tab thru the Vacation Manager.

Enable Your Cell Phone for SMS Notification

If you would like to receive a Text Message as your primary contact for calls, go to the Preferences tab and scroll down to the Mobile/SMS options and hit enable and follow the directions.
In the future you will then receive a text with call times, venues and other notes on the event offered. Then you would be responsible for going to the Schedule tab on your page and clicking on the green check mark for yes or the red X to decline the call offered.
The other option would to call the dispatcher back that sent the text and say yes or decline the call.
Remember that the ending times provided on the original call you receive are only an ESTIMATE. The call could be longer or shorter than the estimate, depending on the needs of the show. So please plan on possibly working longer than noted.

Decline a call with the RED X

If you decline a call on Call Steward, by hitting the red X, it will take you off the list for that 24 hour period. If this is not your intention, or would like to be considered for other work, you must contact the dispatcher directly.
If you use an I-Phone to log on, it is suggested that you down load the OPERA MINI app to use as a browser. This will make it easier to navigate.

If you are having challenges please visit support.callsteward.com and file a support ticket.

Thank you
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